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History is a rich gallery of personalities.

Review Questions

rebel, patriot, depredations, wreaking, assassinated, perpetuating, havoc, guerilla, persecute, .

1. Why did Mackenzie change his advice to Lett to leave town?

2. Some people described Lett as a patriot and others said he was a rebel. What is your opinion? el? Defend your answer.

3. Would you include Lett in history's "rich gallery of personalities"? Why or why not?

4. The province was preoccupied with a witch hunt. What does this mean to you?

5. Explain: (a) Reformers were open to vindictive treatment; (b) bent on visiting revenge; (c) the theatre of Mackenzie's grotesque republic; (d) a red flag to rebels; (e) grew to romantic proportions; (f) farcical fiascoes; (g) satisfied a thirst for vengeance;(h) inflicting hate and havoc.

6. It was said that Lett did not advance the cause of the patriots. What was their cause and why were Lett's efforts less than helpful?

7. Who is supposed to have killed Lett? Why would they do so?


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