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History is at once a tale of intrigue and bloodshed.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: elude, incursion, fugitive, encounter, wary, indigenous, populace, mandate, tyranny, enterprise, prey, pervade, banishment, persecution, judicial, abortive, perpetual, guerilla.

1. Lord Durham blamed the governor and his Executive Council for the chaos that occurred in Upper Canada. Why?

2. What very critical mistake did the small party of patriots make in their planning?

3. Find the following phrases and provide the most appropriate contextual meaning: (a) haunted the border; (b) perpetually disaffected; (c) dissuade other patriots from preying on the province; (d) bring independence to Canada; (e) a rash of arrests; (f) prepared for sacrifice by sword or scaffold; (g) penetrated the hostile countryside; (h) mount an indigenous rebellion; (i) not ripe for rebellion; (j) support did not materialize; (k) wiser heads prevailed; (l) melted away into the woods; (m) released on parole; (n) this kind of guerilla action; (o) released on parole.

4. Identify and explain the figure of speech 'the bright constellation of freedom's jewels.'

5. Based on the details in the narrative how would you describe the inhabitants of the area that was 'invaded'? Give reasons to support your opinion.

6. For what were some of the rebels prepared to 'strike a blow?'

7. Would you describe the members of the raiding party rebels or patriots? Defend your answer.

8. While the rebels enlisted no volunteers in the Small Hills, they did receive some passive support. Explain.


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