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History is revisionist.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: habeas corpus, indict, commute, acquit, stifling, radical, justify, hurdle, radical, principles, bribe, treason, gallows, obstinacy, martyr.

1. After you have read the narrative, formulate three questions of your own and provide full answers for each.

2. What is ironic about Moreau's execution?

3. Why do you think those from outside the country were treated more harshly than Canadian insurgents?

4. If Wait was right and too little recognition for responsible government was given to the patriots, why do you think this was the case?

5. In no more than a hundred words, write a diary entry that Maria Wait might have written regarding her heroic trip to Quebec.

6. Explain: (a) drawn on a hurdle; (b) final performance; (c) show trial; (d) arrange the gallows; (e) glorious martyr; (f) hurried Morreau into eternity; (g) the long drop.


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