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History speaks for itself.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: cryptography, encipher, courier, pirate; privateer, predatory, ramshackle, appurtenances,

1. (a) Letters-of-marque made building a navy quick and inexpensive. Explain. (b) Would there have been any disadvantages to empowering pirates to capture foreign ships on behalf of a government?

2.Use of Aboriginal braves in a war would be advantages 'with proper management'.What do you think this would mean?

3."They are more apt to regret what they have lost than to remember what they have received." (a) What did they lose and why did they lose it? (b)What did they receive?

4. Captured vessels were only considered legitimate prizes providing they were captured "in due form of law." What might this law have involved?

5. What methods were used to circumvent loss of mail at sea?

6. Several examples of information sent by cipher are given. Can you think of othe matters that would be handled 'most secretly'?

7. How does history speak for itself?


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