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History is a chronicle of fact.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: chide, amity, reprimand, compensation, treaty, fortify, cordage, artificer, cessation, banish, foray, batteau, militia, envoy, decimate, resound, chronicle.

1. Explain (a) a nominal fortress with a nominal garrison; (b) reason overtaken by cannonade; (c) worried dispatches; (d) temporary objects; (e) haughtily rejected the reprimand; (f)using the eastern forays for distraction; (g) customary vigour; (h) face the crisis head on.

2. Simcoe was treading on a tight rope in dealing with the Aborigines. Why?

3. Travel was chancy unpredicatable. Why?

4. What is the significance of the airplanes?

5. What made Dorchester's order to Simcoe potential dangerous?

6. What is meant by Simcoe placed the 'ball in Dorchester's court'?

7. (a) What did London mean when they advised Simcoe to 'avoid proceeding to extremities'? (b) Why was he given this order?

8. (a)Why were Simcoe and Dorchester 'chided'? (b) Compare their reactions to this admonishment.

9. Why was there a kind of sadness to the Aborigines' grand greeting for the Great Father.

10.If the actions of Simcoe and Dorchester had resulted in a battle or even war, who in your estimation would have been responsible?


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