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History is our storied past.

Review Questions

Vocabulary:calamity, cavalier, lapse, rectify, provisions, siting, manaces, disdainfully, nominal, irrepressible, missives, colours, impediment, reconnoiter, intimidate, forbearance.

1. Why were the British troops ordered to refrain from fighting the Americans?

2. Under what circumstances would the British have been expected to fight?

3. Why did Britain not abandon the northwest posts "with all convenient speed"?

4. Explain the following expressions:

(a) flushed with victory and spoiling for a fight;

(b) cavalier non-compliance;

(c) words not warriors held sway;

(d) anxious to prevent that dreadful decision;

(e) softened his rhetoric;

(f) nobly supported the national character;

(g) unfeigned acknowledgements;

(h) straitened circumstances;

(i) fell upon hard times;

(j) flaunted his flag;

(k) tacit spectators whose flag was insulted with impunity.

(l) rubbed salt into the wound;

(m) caution overtaken by cannonade;

(n) sniffing the wind for a whiff of gunpowder.

(o) berated the British in gross and illiberal language;

(p) an itchy finger on either side

5. (a)The Assembly recognized Campbell's "forbearance and otherwise exemplary and meritorious conduct." Explain in your own words why they praised his actions. (b) Did he deserve their praise? Explain your answer.

6. What makes this story of particular significance in our past?


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