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History is a study of political survival.

Review Questions

inviolable, procrastination, acquiescence, immodest, vilify, servile, punning,

1. Why was Simcoe's assignment following the signing of Jay's Treaty so very important?

2. What did the Native peoples fail to understand?

3. Explain: (a) the timing of the treaty was opportune; (b) overrate themselves; (c) degrade our character; (d) burned in effigy; (e) paper of shame; (f) optimistic expectations; (g) peaceful acquiescence; (h) return with an olive branch in his hand; (i) teetered on the brink of war; (j) pressing and procrastination; (k) vented their wrath; (l) vilified his name; (m) bury the hatchet; (n) buoyantly boisterous.

4. (a) The British government decided not to support the Native peoples. Assess this decision.

5. (a) What is a figure of speech? (b) Identify and explain the one used by John Jay in his letter to Grenville.

6. Define the word 'pun' and explain the punning on Jay's name.

7. How is the definition of history relevant to this narrative?


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