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The Sword To Settle

History is above all else the record of heritage.

Review Questions

allegiance,augur, calamities, vengeance, goal, inimical, atrocious, conspiracy, parricide, fratricidal,persecution, treason, odious, reprisal, diabolical, vindictive, loath, nemesis, turncoat, embolden, factions,

1. (a) What are the "sinews of war?" (b) Initially how did the rebels raise money to finance the conflict?

2. Who were the 'timid Tories" and how did the rebels try to influence them?

3. Using Butler's Royal Greens as an example, indicate how history can differ depending on who is writing it.

4. Explain: (a) Tarleton's quarter; (b) a latent Loyalist; (c) the temper of the times; (d) exiles from their father's land; (e) timid Tories who were wavering; (f) sought safety by melting into the countryside; (g) drumhead court martial; (h) bitter backlash; (i) status quo; (j) show their chagrin; (k) rumour were rife.

5. How did American agents add to the anguish of the fleeing exiles?

6. "We beg consideration for our lives, fortunes and property." What did the Loyalists expect from their government?

7. "Persons inimical to the patriot cause were to be dealt with by sequestration committees." Explain.

8. How might a wiser monarch compromised with the rebelling Americans?

9. What did Ben Franklin mean when he said, "Passion governs and she never governs wisely."

10. Briefly summarize the main theme and the important details of this narrative.


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