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Two Nations

History is an active force in the struggles of every generation.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: concessions, reciprocate, contemporary, meritorious, compensation, shank's mare, caulk, felicity, traversed, alienate, adversary, molest, confiscate, punitive, magnanimous, reprisal, rancour, plundered,

1. Many Members of Parliament believed the peace treaty was unsatisfactory. (a) In their opinion, what was wrong with the treaty? (b) Why then did they approve it? (c) What bargain might the British negotiators have struck with the Americans?

2. Explain: (a) persona non grata in their own land; (b) a fratricidal fight; (c) fidelity. (d) the Loyalists simply "wagered on the wrong horse."

3. Differing opinions existed regarding those who supported the King over Congress. (a) Identify these positions and give the reasons for each. (b) If you had been living in the 13 Colonies, what would have been your own personal decision? (c) Justify it.

4. After initial Loyalist disillusionment, the British government 'rose to the occasion.' (a) How? (b) Do you think the Loyalists deserved to be treated any differently than other settlers? Explain your answer.

5. What was the 'Marke of honour' Lord Dorchester decided to bestow on the early supporters of the sovereign? Why was is not given to all new settlers?

6.(a) Describe the challenges successfully faced by many early settlers. (b) What does this tell us about these people?


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