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History history is built on rational explanations..

Review Questions

dominion, manifest, destiny, disintegrate, prophetic, invincible, debacle, augment, sniper, logistics, torrential, fountainhead, pretense, derisive, encroachment, commandeer, obstinate, provisions, stolid, ostensiby, magazine, prevarication, sycophantic,howitzer, disdain, arrogance, enoblement.

1. (a)Explain: "I cannot but hope Providence has hitherto preserved in so single a manner for some important service to his country." (b) Why are these comments described as prophetic? (c)Combined the above led to Washington's ennoblement. Explain.

2.Why would movement of this force be difficult in the 'primeval' forest?

3.Explain: (a) corduroy roads; (b) acquire military doctrine at the fountainhead; (c) forest guerilla fighters; (d) bristled at this advice; (e) supplemented his forces; (f)slipped their moorings; (g) tacked to Virgina; (h)paid dearly for his arrogance; (i) felt the effects of the spurs; (j) mortal missile; (k) the terror of the tomahawk; (l)he had a different destiny; (m) haunt me to the hour of my death. 4.Why do you think Braddock was contemptuous of forest guerilla fighters?

5.How was it be possible to sustain a defeat without a battle?

6."Who would have thought it?" Thought what?

7."The only fighting they did was with the forces of nature." Express this in another way.

8. Washington said of Braddock: "His attachments were warm, his enmities were strong and having no disguise about him both appeared in full force." What did he mean by this?

9. Braddock's defeat could be attributed to his arrogance. Explain.

10.Why do you think the Aboriginal war whoop had such an appalling effect on the troops?

11.There were differences of opinion as to the reason for the disatrous defeat. If you were charged with making a descision on this question, what would it be? Defend your answer.

12.Who was Samuel Johnson?

13.Johnson has fascinated more people than any other writer except Shakespeare. Why?


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