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History records the fall of frowning battlements.

Review Questions

fortify, citadel, invincible, obverse, loot, bastion, beachhead, siege, cannonade, prodigious, megalomanic, periwigged, christened, conciliate, impregnable, capitulation, epithet, battlement, commemorate, endow, ramparts.

1. Why do you think Louisbourg would be described as a 'frowning battlement' appropriate?

2. Explain: (a) Louisbourg is the Gibraltar of North America; (b) he held history in his hands; (c) beneath which were buried many of France's aspirations; (d) cannons always speak a good language; (e) failure might be forgiven, but wavering never would; (f) the hour found the man; (h) high born and low; (i) every hour a king; (j) the drums rolled a dirge of defeats; (j) cornerstone of the cabinet; (k) Dunkirk of Ameria.

3.Identify and explain the figure of speech involving the words 'shield' and 'sword'

4. What does the epithet 'Sun King' signify about Louis XIV?

5. How could nature provide the first line of defence for the fort?

6. Define "pun" and explain the pun "Here's to the heart of a Wolfe."

7. Write a brief character sketch of William Pitt.

8. Why would the French forts along the frontier interfere with the grand plans for the future of the American colonies?

9. The loss of Louisbourg led to the fall of the French Empire in North America. How are the two events related?

10. How could power and personality affect the size of the French sovereign?

11. "Clouds hung dense and black over Engand." Identify the figure of speech used here and express it in another way.


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