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History is determined by the choices people make.

Review Questions

impede, wretched, moderation, formidable, vindicated, recede, dumfounded, demented, commission, prestigious, expeditionary, manic depressive, eloquence, contagious, domineering, acquisitive.

1. Analyze the statement: "History is determined by the choices people make.

2. Why might Pitt and Wolfe be described as unlikely heroes?

3. Despite his character, Pitt was able to inspire the country. How did he accomplish this?

4. Explain how the policies of Wolfe towards his men were proven on the Plains of Abraham.

5. British ships were called the wooden walls of England. Identify and explain this figure of speech.

6. What did Wolfe mean when he said, "If valour can make amends for the want of number, we shall probably succeed."

7. It is said that "history's hand was on Wolfe's shoulder." What does this mean?

8. What does the comment, "within the reach and compass of my skill and cunning" tell you about Wolfe?

9. Why would "coming down so low" be a risk for Pitt?

10. Explain the phrase, "gallant despair."


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