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History records the fall of frowning battlements.

Review Questions

adage, illustrious, lineage, echelon, anguish, excel, familiarized, besieged, deficiency, gallantry, chivalry, impregnable, prudently, animation, vehement, untenable, countenance, gesticulation.

1. Explain: (a) ebb tide of his fortunes; (b) baptism of fire; (c) war was the grave of the Montcalms; (d) French mincing machine; (e) out-generalled; (f) frowning battlements.,

2. Montcalm's tutor said he was too opinionated. What does this tell you about the boy?

3. How do you account for Montcalm's early military successes?

4. Compare and contrast the military careers of Wolfe and Montcalm.

5. Why was time was on Montcalm's side?

6. France's attitude towards its Canadian colony was defeatist. Explain.

7. Quebec was described as Fortress Canada. Why?

8 Why do you think the French soldiers were inspired by Montcalm? (b) What in your opinion makes a good general.

9. What metaphor is used for war? (b) Is it appropriate? Why or why not?

10.Explain the ominous sentence at the end of the narrative.

11.The king and his government in France forwarded medals but no men to their officials in New France. What was the purpose of the medals?

12. They also included advice. In a sentence or two summarize this advice.

13. Write a brief description of Montcalm.


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