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History deceives with whispering ambition.

Review Questions

brigadier, infirmity, laudatory, impulsive, characteristics, capitulation, offensive, reverence, caricature, ridicule, cartoonist, inferior, profile.

Explain: (a) the seeds of discord to come; (b) he compromised; (c) chain of command; (d) "knocking my obstinate Scotch head against the admiration and reverence of the English mob for Wolfe's memory"; (e) "Too great an opinion of one's strength often leaves little opportunity for reflection and consideration and frequently gives reason for subsequent regret."

1.(a)What characteristics of the three men made them excellent officers but difficult subordinates? (b) They were superior to Wolfe by birth and breeding. What exactly does this mean?

2. They did not comprise a first rate chain of command. (a) Why? (b) Who do you think was ultimately at fault for this? Explain your answer and indicate how this could have been corrected?

3. How do you explain this behaviour from men who were first-rate military officers?

4. (a) Why do you think the English 'mob' reverenced Wolfe's memory? (b) What does Murray's use of the word 'mob' tell you about him?

5. (a) How did Townshend show his contempt for Wolfe? (b) Why might this have been particularly galling to Wolfe?

(b)Why do you think Wolfe did not discipline Townshend at the time?

"6. What complicated Wolfe's relationship with his officers?

7. Why do you think West's fictional painting was so popular with the public?

8. Explain: "History deceives with whispering ambition."

9. How do the actions and attitudes of the individuals in this narrative illustrate the definition 'History is experiencing at second hand all kinds of human behaviour.'


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