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History is shot through with passion.

Review Questions

malicious, prestigious, plagued, crisis, parsimony, embezzlement, egotism, enhance, ironic, cynical, irresolute, disparaging, impaired, contemptuous, crony, chaos, paladins.

1. Whose fault was it that "French Canada's fate was sealed?" Defend your answer.

2. (a) Why do you think the French government acted to ensure that no one man became too powerful in the colony? (b) What was the unintended result of this policy?

3. (a) Define strategy and tactics. (b) Contrast and evaluate the military strategies and tactics of Montcalm and Vaudreuil.

4. Explain: "New France was written out of France's grand strategy."

5. Montcalm could have helped his cause had he displayed some diplomacy. Explain.

6. (a) How did the French King and his Council attempt to keep the colonial officials content and loyal? (b) What does this tell you about their perception of the men managing their affairs in far off Canada?

7. The despondent and despairing reports to France from officials in Quebec resulted in France adopting a self-fulfilling policy. Explain.

8. What was ironic about the policies and practices of Britain and France towards New France?

9. To what do you attribute the fall of New France?

10. Quebec was plagued with corruption and internal feuding. Discuss.

11. Explain the French colonial minister's response to Montcalm's request for men and money for Quebec.

12. History is shot through with passion. Is this definition exemplified in this narrative? Explain your answer.

13. "Loot mattered more than loyality." Express this in another way.


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