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History is written by successful soldiers.

Review Questions

rustic, immortalized, imminent, modification, grenade, grenadier, brogues, calamitously, virtual, nasal, entrenching, intemperate, cockades.

1. The fortunes of war decided the fate of two nations. What were their destinies and how have they influenced the subsequent history of Canada?

2. (a) Wolfe is described as 'a natural leader of men.' What do you think this implies?

(b) What in your estimation would be the most critical characteristic of a 'natural'leader of troops. Explain your answer.

(a) Why did Wolfe modify the usual troop deployment into two ranks? (b) What is the historical significance of the 'thin red line'?

4. Some thought the appearance of the sun was an omen. Of what?

5. Explain: (a) Montcalm's strategy was to be of Wolfe's making; (b) a motley mix; (c) the enemy is entrenching; (d) shock-troops of the empire; (e) the destiny of North America hung in the balance; (f) intemperate attack; (g) the last few hours had been a lifetime.

6.The uniforms of the soldiers were bright and colourful, not camouflaged to mask the men from enemy sharp-shooters. What was the reason for this?

7.(a) What was the crisis? (b) What was the climax?

8.What alternatives did Montcalm have when faced with an entrenched force before the fortress? Analyze and evaluate each.

9.The Plains of Abraham became a giant stage. Name this figure of speech and indicate why it is very appropriate.

10 (a) What is a figure of speech? (b) Name and explain these figures of speech: (i) Their uniforms like like bright beacons in the mist. (ii) The wine was drawn and the cup must be drained.


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