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History is a pattern of timeless moments.

Review Questions

ague, dire, inauguration, entreaties, bastion, garrison, becalmed, magistracy, ostensibly, plague, utopian, Quixotism.

1. Kingston was the logical place for a capital. (a) Why did Simcoe choose Newark instead? (b) What attracted Simcoe to the site near London?

2. The British were to withdraw "with all convenient speed" from the western posts. Why did it take 13 years?

3. Describe how the Aboriginal peoples must have felt when they learned their land had been given to the Americans by the British?

4. Simcoe preferred English to Native names. Two examples were Niagara renamed Newark and Toronto¨ renamed York. Both reverted to their Native names when Simcoe left the province. Why do you think they reverted?

5.Simcoe was concerned about the location of the Queen's Rangers. (a)Why? (b) What does this tell you about Simcoe?

6. Cite proof that Simcoe was farsighted about the future of his colony?

7. Explain: (a) the stupendous wonder of this country; (b) political Quixotism; (c) perfectly utopian; (d) before they are all buried; (e) untouched by axe or plough; (f) primeval forests; (g) saucy little square-rigged sloops.


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