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History is the endless revisiting, reviewing and rethinking the past.

Review Questions

Vocabulary: sentiment, rustic, disillusion, distraction, motley, stature, homage, fusillade, petition, aquit, pursuit, impartial, remand, martyrs, judicial, dispersed, insurrection, surmounted,

1. Why were the members of the Executive Council determined to execute Lount and Matthew?

2. What proof do we have that Lount and Matthews were widely esteemed in Upper Canada.

3. What was unusual about the election of 1836?

4. Why do you think the voters of Upper Canada gave the Tories such a stunning victory?

5. What drove these good men to rebellion?

6. Explain: (a) the price of insurrection; (b) his blood freezes within him; (c) signing a petition was considered seditious; (d) many considered martyrs; (e) this motley crew; (f) stumped the province like a possessed politician; (g) felled by a fusillade; (h) no terror in their looks were seen; (i) cast off the cloak of imperial impartiality; (j) shady practices at the polls; (k) scattered to the four winds; (l) poignant relics and reminders.

7. History is the endless revisiting, reviewing and rethinking the past. Demonstrate the truth of this statement by indicating how our thinking has changed regarding the actions which led to the events in this narrative.

8 . (a) Why might a 'not guilty' plea have been better for these two men? (b) What does this presume would have happened at the trial?

9. What were Lount's captors attempting to do when they placed a nightcap on his head?

10 Chaos characterized the rebellion. Explain.

11.(a) What kind of bacground did Governor Arthur have? (b) Do you think it influenced how he reacted to the rebellion and its aftemath? Defend your answer.


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